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Frequently Asked Questions


Perinatal trauma is any trauma experienced during your reproductive experience. From infertility, to miscarriage, stillbirth and negative birth experiences, even if deemed a “normal birth.” 

I believe change begins within individuals before causing a ripple effect within the family system. We cannot change anyone else, just ourselves. Change starts with us!

Counselling is challenging but very rewarding when individuals engage and walk through the process, noticing what they are experiencing. We can’t change what we don’t know! 

I am not at this time able to use client insurance, until our new governing body ACTA is active in Alberta. I can provide receipts for sessions paid. Most BTR sessions can be completed within four 80-minute sessions. Following BTR there may need to be some 50-minute sessions to deal with issues that arise out of the BTR sessions. I take e-transfers as this is the most efficient form of payment.

Perinatal trauma has gone unnoticed for decades, thus leaving many women and men to struggle in silence. Trauma can occur in seemingly normal experiences, leaving individuals to navigate their pain, through loss from infertility, miscarriages, stillbirth, infant death, and difficult birth experiences. BTR Therapy is a multi-layered approach in treating trauma. It is comprised of breathing, relaxation, imagery, rewind, and positive rehearsals. When a trauma template has been activated, this renders an individual triggered by similar experiences, locations, or senses. Through BTR we are able to shift the traumatic memory into a different part of the brain under relaxation, removing the traumatic emotions from the memory. I have been working with clients since 2020 with significant results. I look forward to helping you work through your loss and pain.